Writing: “Childhood Memoirs” 2017



I began painting “Childhood Memoirs” during October and finished it in early November. It’s dedicated to ‘The Department of Visual Arts” for their support and kindness to me since I moved to the school in Year 9. It was a big ‘thank you’ moment. Not only to the staff for helping me finish school but to myself and of the things I am grateful for. We have the opportunity today appreciate what we have. So I do.

“Childhood Memoirs” is exactly that. An extensive reflection and appreciation of my childhood, as well as an acknowledgment of some sort of ‘departure’ from childhood. However, a child still remains inside me. By that, I mean characteristics of childhood; playfulness, joy, honesty, youthfulness. That will never leave me. Why should it? Why should I abandon characteristics of what I consider happiness?

The bold, red text (pop out), hides the text ‘Maarty and Vicki’s Cottage.’ Maarty and Vicki are archetypes which I created in my Year 12 Body of Work. I have had to separate myself from this. I’m not separating myself from the archetypes, but the artworks with which they are in. Their names merely represent the Body of Work in its physical nature. The multicoloured cottage, including the carport (to the right-hand side), mirrors a scene which I would draw religiously as a child, but for reasons unknown. Now, I consider every time I was re-drawing this cottage scene I was practicing this painting. There is a list of names below the red chinagraph text ‘Visual Arts.’ These are the names of the staff. The activity in the painting is what I like to call ‘active space,’ because that’s literally what it is. It’s a conglomerate of signs and symbols, with which create a sense of liveliness and of movement when you make connections whilst looking at it. It is contrasted by the opaqueness of the gold edging. Therefore the viewer gets a sense of interaction with my imagination, even my childhood. This purposeful arrangement is something I associate with how I interpret information.

I am prodigious story lover. But how the story is told is crucial for how I remember the sequence of events. I find if I listen to a story told by someone I know, I remember every word. I think it’s because it’s a simple way of communicating. If I see an image, I can remember almost every detail of that image. When reading a book though, I will enjoy the book in the moment, but by the end, I will be able to recall little information about what happened during the story, unfortunately.

The style is immature and simplistic (not to be mistaken as easy) with an obvious homage to Jean Michel Basquiat. This heightens the sense of childishness and furthermore formulates “Childhood Memoirs” in a way that just seems, purely right.




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