Painting: “Childhood Memoirs” 2017

I’ve decided to start writing about the paintings — for two reasons. 1. An art critic may never write about my paintings. 2. I am an impatient bastard (at times) and if someone were to write about them, it most likely wouldn’t be right now. I want to recognize the richness of my work, rather than just the childish veneer. This way I can unpack each complexity in a subjective way. It does not mean you have to agree with what I choose to write about. I’d rather you look at the painting for yourself first and then read my perspective. The diversity of supposition will be revealing and evocative.

What I want to do is: Post the painting. People can comment what they see, feel, think ect (or just like it if that’s easier) A few days later I will write what my perspective is. I think this would be a possibly enlightening acitivity for all of those who choose to engage. So please leave comments! And you will hear from me shortly.




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