Daily Prompt: Particular

This word reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. He was very particular about many things. I don’t know if he noticed but I used to observe him very closely.  Here are a few of the things he would do that were very ‘particular’ indeed. He would often do these and then tell me about how he is so particular afterward. That’s just to reassure you that it was actually him being particular and not me fussing about him doing things so particularly.

  1. Before every meal, he would re-wash the cutlery, but do so with only water and without any soap?
  2. He would only drink the water from the tap in the bathroom, but would drink out of his hands or even use no hands sometimes? He would just pout his lips and slurp it in.
  3. He would use his hands as little as possible and rather, his fingernails were his main tool?
  4. He would be very light on his feet, and would make such remarks to me like, ‘you’re very loud when you walk.’?
  5. He would send text messages with two ‘xx’ s at the end, no more no less?
  6. He wouldn’t like having dirt on his feet, but would walk around barefoot?

And there’s many more, but I’d rather keep the list short for this prompt. I’ve purposefully placed the question marks because I feel like these ‘particularities’ deserve question marks. I hope you have found this as humorous as I did.

P.s The particulars are what makes a person unique, indefinitely. Everyone, including myself, has them. That’s what makes this an interesting and jolly ol’ time.



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