Natural: existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind. 

Let’s start by dictionary definition. Natural: existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.

As a whole, we are very far from being natural. However, we are always trying to get to a  more natural state, that by definition, in this world, does not exist. Whether it’s a “you’re so natural” remark, or to the purple packet on the shelf’s conclusion, “100% Natural.” Either statement is a conditioning. A conditioning to which supports artificial application. Whereby, being, buying and building “natural” is okay, fashionable and a good thing. It’s supposed to reconnect our roots and provide us a wholesome outcome, isn’t it? In fact it is the exact opposite. We are selling natural and that, itself is not natural. The purple packet on the shelf, is made of plastic and the nuts inside, (not grown naturally,) have been forced into a nut bar and are now in an entirely unnatural, abnormal situation. If two nuts were having a conversation in that packet it would go something like this:

Almond: “Oi, Pecan. Ave u go any deodorant? I’m sweatin up this darn portable seal.”

Pecan: “Neh Mate, it was in me left hand when we got tooked from der tree, but now it’s jammed tight up your ass!”

Almond: “Oh, how peculiar. That doesn’t belong there!”

See, even the nuts know what’s natural. Well, what’s natural for them anyway.

Let’s go back to the “you’re so natural,” comment that you may or may not have received from someone throughout your time. What makes you so natural? Is it the way you style your hair, or is it, possibly the fact that you live in a three bedroom apartment with the windows down all the time, just so you can smell that sweet, sweet eucalyptus tree in the park across the street, diagonal to the train station, which travels people to their either near or far destination. Simultaneously, pumping fumes into the atmosphere and between you and the next room is a perfectly tiled floor, and you sleep in your silk sheets, every night and lay your skull down on a soft pillow. Oh, so say again what makes you so natural?

Not every person lives this way. (Obviously) But even people who live similar or dissimilar to this hypothetical are living, only because we are unnatural. We strive for something which is disconnected from the way we want to actually live. You want natural? Well you can’t really have it. The closest thing we have to natural would be; being naked in a tropical forest, picking and grazing fruits, sleeping and migrating when you get cold. That’d be, by definition, quite natural. You don’t want unnatural? Too bad, we’ve already got it. Our ancestors must have despised natural living because we’ve chosen convenience, comfort and ‘safety’ foremost – a lifestyle which is purely unnatural. What’s worse, is that we’ve become complacent in the face of a synthetic and touched type of natural. It’s one thing to want to be more natural, but it’s another to actually practice natural living. 

What’s natural? Natural, is simple. It’s remaining isolated, and leaving the environment unassisted. It knows what to do without you. Natural is without you and I. Natural is nature.






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