We’re Only Human

 I have recently read a book. An advice book, an author known as Mark Manson. I was enlightened by this book. Perhaps, it was his common sense content, perhaps not. What actually inspired me, was his ability to have an opinion. That he had the courage to share his opinion.

We all have a perspective. Our perspectives are isolated until we take off the handcuffs and say “here. You’re free to go. Sorry for the holdup. Won’t happen again.” I.e You’re not a writer until you write. You’re not a race car driver until you drive. Nor are you an artist until you have concluded your art things. This is just a basic concept.

It’s the creators who are separated from the rest.  It’s the creators who challenge perspectives, some of which may not even be shared publicly yet. So what is so good about sharing your opinion? Is it just a form of expression? For personal benefit. Or is it to challenge yourself and others into becoming better people? I wish I knew. For myself, I don’t actually care if it does either. Emotionally, I just MUST do it. If there are ramifications. Then there are ramifications. Not entirely my fault. It’s based on the interpretation/response/reaction of another person. Which, for everyone is constantly changing depending on what their personal context is. I’m never 100 % the same as I was yesterday, or now even. I change every second. Linear and non-linear.

So folks… Today’s opinion is!! *Drum Rolls*

People who say”it’s okay, we’re only human.” You can just fuck off. As far as we know, we are the most complex organism on this, (what we call a planet) Earth. Now I will challenge myself here by saying that I have recently watched a documentary with which did provide evidence of an Alien spacecraft crash on Earth. But the Aliens are now dead and shriveled. (Not saying there couldn’t be more, or that it was even ‘true.’) Can you tell that skepticism reigns from my heart?

So with that being said, we may not be the most complex. Nevertheless, we are still complex. We don’t understand ourselves. We don’t know anything. We don’t have answers. But what we can do is to produce assumptions and hypothesis. (This is entertainment in life, and it’s fun if you’re open and empathetic.) Nevertheless, we are still here. Why? Because of creators. Creator’s are possibly the only reliable thing. Otherwise, we’d be dead and very shriveled.

I just realised how dumb the word true is. Like do you actually know the truth? Because I certainly don’t. I’m open to changing my hypothesis every day. Yet, I say this word all the time, as if I’m a walking bible. Like, “YA wanna HERE THE TRUTH truth MATE? Cos I got it. Open tha bookmark to page 52:67 and say AMEN every time you read the word ‘slave.’ I guess it’s used more colloquially than seriously. Not the word ‘slave’, the word ‘true.’ Has anyone ever really read the whole bible? Wait, did I just insult someone? Imagine if no one did and then someone did and they got to the end and in the fine print it was like, “These are only assumptions based on what we think is the ‘truth.’ No refunds. Apologies, for the inconvenience of your time as this, was a lengthy supposition.”

I love that I just proved my point by creating a hypothesis in my head about creating a hypothesis. This is why I love writing.

It’s actually not writing though. It’s typing. Maybe we can call it, triting. You know I like a word hybrid. You never know where you will end up with triting. I love triting because it keeps up with the wibble/wobble of my mind. The curves and the corners. But with non-triting, (writing) my hand can’t keep up with my thoughts and if you make a mistake then you have to cross it out and soil the damn paper. With triting, you can erase/redo/rewind/  invisibly and then if you don’t like what your brain came up with then QUICK you can click command Z and you’re back to where you started. All fresh. So,

Triting is something now. It’s not natural but nothing is anymore. I just tested it in the sentences prior and it worked. If that’s not a first-class example of evolution then I don’t know what is. Evolution or a perspective? You can create you’re own hypothesis for that one.

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